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Autumn 2015 Newsletter
Broken Promise and Far From True
What a year it's been. Actually, what a couple of years it's been.

Almost exactly twenty-four months ago, I decided to do something a little different. Instead of another standalone story, as I've been doing every year since 2007, I thought, why not do three connected novels?

As they sometimes say, it seemed like a good idea at the time. And, in fact, it turned out to be a terrific idea. The only problem was, because the novels would be linked, I felt a need to write them back to back. That way, if I got to Book Three and thought of something I needed to set up in Book One, there'd still be time.

That's just what I did. I wrote three novels in fifteen months, instead of my usual schedule of one book every twelve.

The first book in the series, Broken Promise, came out midsummer in North America, and early September in the United Kingdom.
On the road
Reading from Broken Promise at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego
Reading from Broken Promise at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego
As a result, I've been on the road. And in the air, and on tracks. 

In early August I criss-crossed the U.S. on a book tour, and in September I did a frenetic tour of England, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

A real high point - and there were many - was the Bloody Scotland crime fiction festival in Stirling, where three hundred people came out to see me. And the next morning, I paid a visit to Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow to talk to about two dozen inmates about writing. When I got there, I thought, 'Wait a sec, this does not look like a Waterstones'. 

Blood Scotland audience

More than three hundred turn out for my event at Bloody Scotland

You can see some photos from the tours below, including a few from a trip in June to a book fair outside Paris.

Back home and plans for the future
So I'm home now, back in Canada. I'm fiddling around with a novel for young readers right now, and in November I plan to write a screen adaptation of my novel Never Saw it Coming.

In January, I'll get started on the next book - not part of the trilogy; that writing is all done - that will come out in 2017. So things are a little calmer at the moment, but they won't be that way for long.

In 2016, there will be not one, but two books coming out. The second book in the trilogy, Far From True, will be along in March in North America, and April in the UK. And by November, we'll have the conclusion: The Twenty-Three. 

If you've read Broken Promise, you know there's something very ominous about the number 23. It's been linked to the strange slaughter of animals, to a sexual predator on a college campus, and three mannequins in a decommissioned Ferris wheel. I've had more than a few emails from readers saying, 'Hey, I got to the end of the book and this 23 thing didn't get explained?!'

All will be revealed. Eventually. 

There will also be plenty more travel in the new year. I'll be doing a Canadian book tour in March, kicking it off in Vancouver at a new crime fiction festival called Cuffed. In July, I will be back in England in Harrogate, at the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, appearing alongside Peter James, Gerald Seymour, Neil Cross and Tess Gerritsen.
Lindwood and his son
My son filming me in my office for the Periscope feature: 'Where I Write'
I'm guessing there will be lots more going on. I'll keep you posted with newsletters along the way. News will also be added to my website,, as it unfolds, and you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your support. Meeting so many of you on each leg of the tour was terrific. 

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Linwood on Tour in Pictures

In Paris

In Paris for a book fair in June

Book signing in Paris

My understanding of French could be better so before I autographed books, I asked fans to help me with the spelling of their names on a sheet of paper first
Linwood with his wife Neetha

With my wife Neetha at my publishers, The Orion Publishing Group in London
Book signings

Signing books at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego. The fan on the right drove for hours to meet me and have a book signed at Murder by the Book in Houston
Talking with Val McDermid.

At the Waterstones in Trafalgar Square, London, talking crime with Val McDermid
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