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2017: What a year this is going to be!
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March 2017 Newsletter
2017: What a year this is going to be!
The Twenty-Three is here . . . in paperback!
Okay, so you've read Broken Promise, and you raced through Far From True, and if you've been waiting for the paperback to read the conclusion to the Promise Falls trilogy. Your wait is over. 

The Twenty Three
The paperback edition of The Twenty-Three is now out. Well, it's out in the UK and Ireland. If you're in North America, the wait is just a little longer. You'll see the book in stores there on May 2. Either way, you've got something to go to the beach with this summer.

And if you've been waiting for the entire series to be out before starting any of the books, you've now got the best binge-read ever waiting for you.

If you're still wondering whether to take the plunge, have a read of what Stephen King had to say about the Promise Falls trilogy and, in particular, the concluding instalment.  

By the way, there are a lot of terrific books on that list from Mr. King. I have at least two of them on my bedside table.

If you're passing through any British train stations in March, or taking the tube somewhere, keep your eyes peeled for a huge promotional campaign for The Twenty-Three.

Promise Falls Billboard

What's next for Promise Falls?
Paarting Shot
UK cover.
North America cover to come.
Some readers felt there were a couple of loose ends at the end of the trilogy. I thought it was wrapped up, but what do I know, I only wrote it. If you were worried that maybe Detective Barry Duckworth didn't survive, he's just fine. And he's back in Parting Shot, coming in April in the UK and Ireland, and November in North America. (I know, I know, it's a long time to wait for readers in Canada and the United States, but why not fly to London this summer and pick up a copy. Build in a few extra days, see the town, take in a play.) 

Parting Shot takes place one year after the events of the trilogy, and while it is a standalone thriller in every way, it does deal slightly with the fallout from what happened in those three books. As mentioned, Duckworth is back, and so is private investigator Cal Weaver. Duckworth and Weaver are on seemingly separate cases that are destined to merge.

I'm pretty sure Parting Shot will be my last Promise Falls novel (hence the title). I'll be going in a bit of a different direction with my 2018 novel. More about that one in a future newsletter.
Chase: My first novel for young readers arrives in July!
Chase cover
I am so excited about the release of Chase, which hits bookstores in the UK, Ireland and Canada in July.

Chase is about a dog that escapes from an organization known as The Institute. Chipper has all sorts of extraordinary abilities, but he's got a few glitches, too, so The Institute wants to put him down. But his purpose in escaping is not just to save his own fur. He's looking for an orphaned boy who's helping his aunt run a fishing camp. What's the connection between them, and why does Chipper so desperately need to find him?

Chase ends with a cliffhanger, but not to worry. Last month I finished book two, which should be out in July 2018.
I'll take all fans
Photograph in Daily Mail
Check out this story from the Daily Mail and look closely at the picture to see what the woman is reading.

Never Saw It Coming: The movie
A few years ago, I wrote a slightly shorter novel called Never Saw It Coming that starred a minor character from No Time for Goodbye by the name of Keisha Ceylon. (The genesis of NSIC was a novella called Clouded Vision that I was asked to write for a literacy program in the UK.) Anyway, Keisha is a bogus psychic who sells visions of missing persons to their desperate families. But one time, her vision gets a little too close to the truth.

Shooting starts in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada later this month on the film version. I wrote the screenplay, and the very talented Canadian director Gail Harvey is helming the project.

If you've read the novel, you may recall it opens with a car crashing through the ice on a frozen lake. Here's a location shot of where Gail hopes to shoot that scene.

Location shot for Never Saw it Coming

And then there's The Accident in France
Nearly a year ago, my wife Neetha and I went to France to see them film a six-part TV series based on my novel The Accident. Since then we've seen the first two subtitled episodes, and they were fantastic. The entire series is to air this spring on France 3.

Here's another look at the terrific trailer for it:

The Accident Trailer

My top 23 thrillers
Off the Shelf logo
At the end of last year, as part of a tie-in to the release of The Twenty-Three in hardcover, I did a list for the "Off the Shelf" website of my 23 favourite thrillers. It's the kind of list that often changes as you read new books, or suddenly recall old ones you'd read, but had forgotten about. But the top five remain pretty consistent.  

When I wrote my list of favourite movie thrillers, "Rear Window" came in at #1. Although I've seen it at least twenty or thirty times, when it came to the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre in Toronto for one showing only on a big screen last week, I had to go. (Also, there was free popcorn.) I had never seen the movie in a theatre, and despite all the viewings, I spotted things I'd never noticed before. Raymond Burr's smile when he's on the phone with his girlfriend, the paintings on the walls, the parakeet the woman brings in from the outdoors. And no matter how many times I've seen it, when Grace Kelly is caught in Thorwald's apartment . . . God, I love that movie. And what was cool was, judging by the reaction of some in the audience, there were quite a few people who had never before seen the movie. 

Now, when are they showing "Vertigo"?

Some really "bad" books
My first four thrillers, published between 2004 and 2007, starred a character named Zack Walker. These were comic thrillers about a somewhat obsessive-compulsive, pain in the butt yet well-intentioned science fiction writer who finds himself in some real jams. I loved writing these books, but at the time of their release they were not big sellers, so I limited Zack's outings to four. 

While these novels have been published in France and some other markets, the only places they've had a release in English are the U.S. and Canada. But my British publisher is bringing them out later this year - one a month starting in August.The books are:
I had wanted all of them to have "Bad" titles, but my U.S. publisher at the time had different ideas. But when they are released in the UK, we are going to re-title the last two. This is a mockup of what the covers will look like. There is some tinkering to come, but I LOVE these. As they say, they pop. I can't wait for these books to find a new audience on the other side of the Atlantic.

Zack Walker covers

All for now! 
And fingers crossed, but there might just be some HUGE news in the next newsletter. As always, thanks for all your support.

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