Bad Guys

Bad Guys

Book Two in the Zack Walker Series

Bad Guys
UK Edition
Bad Guys
North American Edition


About the Book

Zack Walker has joined the staff of a city newspaper and his feature on the life of a private detective has dragged him into the doings of a murderous gang of thieves. The car he bought at a police auction contains a secret that could get him killed. And it’s possible his daughter is being stalked by a dangerous would-be boyfriend.


“Barclay successfully balances the comical and serious aspects of the story, keeping readers interested in both Walker’s investigation and his home life. Though written with a light touch, the novel is gripping when it counts, and includes a very nicely handled twist ending. All in all, Bad Guys makes for a good time. More Zack Walker would be welcomed.” The Strand Magazine

“Mr. Barclay, a columnist for the Toronto Star, is the master of what might be dubbed the Barclay Effect: that point in a column or novel when a reader, shanghaied by a well-planted gag, is forced to laugh out loud.” Tom Nolan, The Wall Street Journal

“Barclay deftly combines mayhem with hilarity, creating a highly entertaining comic thriller with an exasperating hero and a desperate, really peculiar villain.” Lansing State Journal

“Humor, realistic characters, a jaunty first-person narrative make for an enjoyable read.” –Booklist

“Barclay’s winning second comic caper … includes both long-term setups and well hidden surprises.” –Publishers Weekly