Last Resort

Last Resort

Last Resort


About the Book

In this funny yet poignant memoir, which was shortlisted for one of Canada’s top literary prizes, the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour, Linwood Barclay tells the story of his teenage years, when his parents left behind the suburbs of Toronto to run a cottage resort and trailer park in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario.


“Last Resort is a moving, bittersweet and naturally funny memoir of a young man’s coming of age”
– The London Free Press

“Barclay’s straightforward and unadorned prose…lets him subtly convey the crazy-quilt way that life happens; teenage fun bumps into grownup sadness, loved ones can turn troubled or troubling – or disappear. Barclay’s style may seem simple, but the effects he achieves are anything but…Last Resort is charming without being saccharine, moving but never phony, serious without a trace of pretension. It’s a rough gem shining in the summer shallows of a recent past.”
– Tom Nolan

“Engaging…Barclay writes with admirable openness about his dysfunctional family.”
– Maclean’s

“There are plenty of classic cottage-country tales here, all told with a frankness that found me alternately gagging and blushing, but almost always giggling.”
– Toronto Star