Fear the Worst

Fear the Worst

Fear the Worst
UK Edition
Fear the Worst
North American Edition


About the Book

Sydney Blake’s summer is shaping up to be typical for a teenager: she’s spending it with her father, and she has landed a part-time job at a local hotel. One night, Syd fails to come home from her shift, and her father Tim begins to panic after he visits the hotel and the manager claims that Syd has never worked there. Grilling his daughter’s friends for clues leads Tim nowhere — except to threats against his life — and as he frantically chases every lead, he can’t help but wonder if Syd is even still alive. Despite a growing list of unanswered questions, all Tim knows for certain is that he must continue searching for his daughter no matter how high the stakes become.


“(Barclay) comes up with revelations that would make any parent’s hair stand on end.” The New York Times Book Review

“A solid thriller…Barclay’s pacing is impeccable.” The Denver Post

“What a story! Holds the reader in a tight grip, as good and evil match wits and wiles. Barclay pushes the edge of suspense to the edge and beyond, offering a revealing peek into the human psyche, exploring every parent’s worst fear.” – Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author of The Paris Vendetta

“Canada’s current thriller king…Fear the Worst has a throat-grabbing premise. The action squeezes ever tighter, leading to a genuine shocker of an ending.” National Post