Parting Shot

Parting Shot

Parting Shot
UK Edition
Parting Shot
North American Edition



A gripping thriller packed with scandal in a small town, from the master of the twist you never saw coming  international bestseller, Linwood Barclay. 

When a young girl from Promise Falls is killed by a drunk driver, the community wants answers.

It doesn’t matter that the accused is a kid himself: all they see is that he took a life and got an easy sentence. As pack mentality kicks in and social media outrage builds, vicious threats are made against the boy and his family.

When Cal Weaver is called in to investigate, he finds himself caught up in a cold-blooded revenge plot. Someone in the town is threatening to put right some wrongs…

And in Cal’s experience, it’s only ever a matter of time before threats turn into action.


“A tough-minded crime novel about the dangers of vigilantism…..Real crimes, unspeakably nasty ones, including murder, figure in this well-built novel. But what stays with you is Jeremy, hounded by strangers competing to report sightings of him as if her were an insentient avatar in some violent video game.” New York Times

“‘Parting Shot,’ one of the best entries in Barclay’s “Promise Falls” series, never bogs down in sentiment. It’s too busy springing plot turns.” Chicago Tribune

“Barclay knows how to keep readers turning the page, and this stand-alone novel set in the same town with the same characters after the events of his Promise Falls trilogy will have fans excited.” Associated Press

“Outstanding….Barclay adroitly blends themes of internet vitriol and simmering societal rage with a taut plot full of sly hints, unexpected twists, and red herrings.” Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Barclay’s latest small-town thriller is one of his best.” Kirkus Reviews, starred review



“Barclay’s plots are a delight, and his small town never fails to deliver a series of shocks” The Sunday Times

“A reliable thriller from Barclay, as ever” (4*) Sunday Sport

“Linwood Barclay seems as if he walked into the world with an uncanny ability to construct perfectly tense plots” Crime Fiction Lover